jeudi 3 décembre 2015

Concernant le Prochain Successeur à la Direction de Doctor Who

J'ai piqué l'excellente retrospective qui suit d'un certain Stephen Highman, commentaire ajouté vers 14h ce jeudi, sous un compte-rendu de la page "Steven Moffat" publié il y a une heure environ.
Peter Harness, Mark Gatiss, Neil Cross and Chris Chibnall are all experienced DW writers and show-runners in their own right; award winning in most cases but their individual episodes have proven to be divisive (/balls, if you'll pardon my french.) Whereas writers like Sarah Dollard, Jamie Matthieson, Tom MacRae and Simon Nye have written crowd-pleasers but might not have the experience to hold such a big show together. Richard Curtis, Neil Gaiman and Frank Cottrell-Boyce may have the professional acclaim to carry off the show but are at places in their careers where being a show-runner for the BBC is a little beneath them. For me the perfect choice is Toby Whithouse whose episodes have proven that he knows the central character very well and his BBC 3 show Being Human is one of the best dramas of modern times (in my opinion) but there's no reason why he should feel the need to take over. Going back to Harness, what with his recent Zygon 2-parter combined with his adaptation of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell I would actually be fascinated to see where he would take the show but Hey, I'm just a stupid viewer avoiding writing an essay. What do I know.

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